deixe-me ir preciso andar...

...Vou por aí a procurar,
Sorrir pra não chorar
Deixe-me ir preciso andar,
Vou por aí a procurar,
Sorrir pra não chorar

Quero assistir ao sol nascer,
Ver as águas dos rios correr,
Ouvir os pássaros cantar,
Eu quero nascer, quero viver
here comes the sun...
...again. Surprisingly it was so warm and sunny yesterday, it just pushed us outside! And finally it was sunday again, what means live jazz in the park. Was a lot of fun, dancing again, chilling, the usual stuff. A very relaxing afternoon... well, after the DJ finished we got on our way back home but had to wait at he bus stop for some minutes. Suddenly something hit me, felt like an electric shock. First I thought it was imagination, but then it hit me another time. I moved a little and suddenly it was Vicy shouting... Something hit her. We wondered where it came from cause one by one we were all hurt. We spotted that boy on the other side on the road, but he was with his mother as I supposed, so it couldn't be him. But... wait. Does this f****** little bastard really have a slingshot? And does his mother/sister/close-to-be-grown-up-friend really cheer at him after he shoots? Outch. Vicy, Thomas and me refuged behind the glass of the bus stop. But Gio, undaunted by death, ran as fast as he could in the kids' direction. They absconded from justice into an house entrance, calling for help. And help came. The devil appeared in shape of a huge woman shouting and barking at our poor braveheart. Until that moment we were just the audience on the other side but we decided to help. What followed could have been a great musical scene: We appeared in Gio's back, uphill the street, downhill from the top the kids' family showed up. The woman - ok, that was really the kids' mother - shouted continually at Gio, something like: "If you beat them, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!!!!". She seemed to be very agitated and as well drastic in her rage. Both "parties" met in the middle of the street. A lively discussion started, everybody was talking, nobody listening. If it was a musical, that would be the moment were the gangs start a dancing-till-death-battle. Well, perhaps it is sometimes useful to be experienced in breakdancing. We weren't and the Mama's on the other side neither. But after all, I don't have a clue if they did get the subject or were just rid of discussing, the other women on the street detered the fury and forced her back into the house. Finally we won... harrharrharrrrrr.....

I'll never gonna stop the rain by complaining...
...but raindrops keep falling on my head. For almost two weeks now.